Monday, December 17, 2012

A Lesson On Society: An Allegory

I have to contribute something to the collective consciousness, which we know as the internet, in the wake of recent events. 

What has inspired me to create this blog, is not only the tragic crime in Connecticut, but the various crimes that humans have committed against each other throughout history. 9/11, Sandy Hook, illegal wars, destroying entire countries for profit and pillage, banking fraud, government sanctioned executions of innocent civilians in Pol Pot's regime. 

Countless other atrocities. Senseless death for no reason. This time, 20 innocent children. 6 brave protectors, all of them women. I've had it with this shit. 

Before I proceed with this blog, I will add that my perspective comes from someone who has had the SHIT kicked out of him by society. I have had the "black thoughts." I didn't fit in. Conversely, I enjoyed time spent touring in rock bands, and learned what real human connection really is. What human love really means. What life is. I still have the hooks of the past tattooed on my mind. But something happened to me in 2006, an awakening. The "new agers" have a definition for this, I do not necessarily subscribe to their notion. 

I will proceed by delivering the allegory: This will be my adult self now, talking to my childhood self, explaining to me what I would learn and experience growing up in a systemically sick society. For some reason I feel this is the best way to convey these facts and experiences. 

Judge as you will. "Jay" is me now, "young jason" was me growing up. 

young jason: "All I want to do is look in microscopes and telescopes and maybe be a microbiologist or astronomer and go to college and get a degree because I can make a difference in the world and help people or cure diseases or discover new species"

Jay: "Keep on that path, but I must warn me, you won't fit in because you won't be able to rattle off football scores. And you may discover that the people running your country, who most people think are the president and congress, are puppets for what is called "big money interests" or more appropriately "the New World Order." These same people will put financial backing behind medicating and brainwashing the public and actually discourage any form of real scientific education."

young jason: "What do you mean by think too much?" "Brainwashing isn't real. They show it in cartoons."

Jay: "My young self, once you realize the society around you, you will understand that brainwashing has been done to your parents, grandparents, and has existed for thousands of years"

young jason: "do my friends know they have been brainwashed?" 

Jay: "you will grow smart enough to answer that own question. I promise"

young jason: "but it sounds like if you talk about stuff like this, especially if most of your friends like to watch TV and talk about TV shows and gossip about each other, you should just do what they do"

Jay: "Always respect every person who comes into your life, and get to know them as a beautiful human being, just like your brother or your parents or yourself"

young jason: "That is beautiful. But bad things do happen, what is all this I've heard about GMO poison food, 9/11, illegal wars, television brainwashing, a drugged society, consensus trance, and anyone who speaks out about it....they actually get....ridiculed? and laughed at?" 

Jay: "Get ready bro. Get ready to work your ass off" 

Oh and the Connecticut murderer was just a fucking sick sick psychopath. 

There is no such thing as any light in this situation, I was just so moved by this that I walked around crying for 2 days. This blog is from the heart, rapidly written, and ipso facto poorly constructed I am sure. 

I'm not perfect, I've done wrong in the past. 

I am just so sick of psychopaths. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I asked for Truth in 2006. I found the Truth. Now I live in a different "World."

Here is an equation to help describe the nature of this post.

Myself + Intellect + Observation + Reaction - Ego = Content

The subtraction of the Ego, the defense mechanism (which is neither good or bad) renders all topics neutral by acceptance or rejection of the Ego. Please take this into account as you enjoy my post...the first line of defense is by Ego, for the Ego, but neutral of my own personal Ego. What we are left with is pure substance, content, and ultimately, your opinion.

We live in a controlled world. We live on a planet controlled by those who own all of the resources. Oil, Big Finance, Global Corporations, corporations, corporations, corporations, corporations. Government is A CORPORATION. Banking (YOUR money earned through your labor) is held, privately by a corporation. would a corporation...most efficiently produce a stock of human labor to capitalize on...literally...a human livestock of production? Easily. Win the minds of the masses, promise them freedom and prosperity, a happy life, healthcare, security, and maybe a vacation, for a few days. After that...go back to work, pay your taxes, everything will be good good good...... :/

NO. We have been raped.

Yes, you too. And it is going to get worse for the "baby boomer" generation, when they take away social security. This includes our parents. YOUR PARENTS ARE WAKING UP.

If you've read this far, I'm going to save myself some work. If you're a REAL MAN, who cares about his woman and his country and his freedom and his free mind, you will not only click on the links at the level, you will embark on a research mission to figure out that really, really bad people are and have been positioned to run this world. They run it right now. You are nothing but a COG in the MACHINE, and the way these sick people believe is that you were not born to live a free, creative, expressive life. You were born to be raised into a SYSTEM. A System that generates profit for the elite class who control your fate.

Here is the best example in my opinion:

1) Women were sick of having their asses slapped by real guys. They were sick of being hit on, by guys. They wanted to be INDEPENDENT WOMEN! (Beyonce reference)

Freedom! From these ....ew...MEN


How about....the International Bankers decided long ago that "Hey...we are only taxing half of the can we change women as to drive them into the workforce, tax them tax them tax them....AAAANNNDDDD force them to put their children in daycare...? That way the State will raise most Children, indoctrinate them, brainwash them, and teach them to serve a collectivist agenda? Well, let's start something called the Women's Liberation Movement. Get out of the home, raising your precious children, go work work work to pay taxes taxes taxes. While the controllers are at it? They will put up archetypes for the American Male as say you're Homer Simpson or Peter Griffen. Dumb, incompetent males. Zero Father figures. If YOU do NOT understand WHAT I am describing here, you are still under total mind control, and I have no problem calling you an idiot. Idiot is not an insulting just means you really don't get what is going on and other people have to do this research for you. So STOP being idiots...put down the TV and the stupid video games, stop TRYING TO BE COOL and realize that you are being manipulated and destroyed.

This is a tiny, tiny example of what is really going on.

The world you live in is fake. All the things you say are programmed into you without your knowing, through TV, movies, magazines, the entire culture is the Matrix I have escaped. And now I am terrified of where they are going to take us.

Wake Up. Wake up God Damnit.


Monday, November 28, 2011

Truth And Reconciliation Commission: An Open Letter To Secret Governments.

Wow. All I can say is wow, as I sit in silent reflection, adequately prepared but completely unscripted, producing this blog. When I was 16, 17, 18, jacked on hormones, socially awkward, too much hair gel, writing metal music, you could NEVER have convinced me that in just a few years I would be a part of a worldwide awakening. Fueled by the last free domain of information: the internet. Fighting against a global conspiracy that took from us JFK, Doctor King, and the countless souls lost in Pearl Harbor, and the New Pearl Harbor, September 11, 2001.

I am not here to debate "conspiracy theories..." a buzz word injected into the public vernacular, manipulated by the control structure much like other emotion jarring terms such as "racist" or "sexist." I will try to exercise brevity in this blog, and if I have lost your interest already, this type of information is not for you. That doesn't make me better than you, nor you me, it's just not a cognitive fit.

For those who wonder why the world is in it's current condition, feel like human potential is being shackled rapidly, or anyone curious about how Building 7 fell at free fall speed because of two small fires, or anyone who walks around wondering why children are acting insane and why the majority of ordinary people can't get ahead in this world despite amazing work ethic and drive, read on patriot. 

This worldwide lie is so vast, too brilliant, so perfectly constructed, and executed with scientific precision. The ruling families own all the wealth, all the media, all of the educational establishments (including private schools and universities) the majority of food production, medicine. Manufacturing. Banking. International Trade. Governments. Military. Energy. They are fluoridating our water to keep us docile, as was done in the concentration camps, under the guise of preventing cavities. 0_o. They talk about public education, but it is public indoctrination. Children are not taught how to think critically. They are taught WHAT to think, which is why some of our most brilliant minds didn't exactly thrive by public school standards. The middle class was engineered, created, and allowed to "thrive" only to serve the human resource needs of the ruling class. Unfortunately, once they no longer require the labor...what happens to a middle class? 

It's called "Full Spectrum Dominance." Once you own everything, and material wealth becomes vast and readily available, history shows that the next step is power. Worldwide Power. A one-world government. Where the "needs" of the many far exceed individual expression. It is a term called "collectivism." Unfortunately for most people, the "needs" of the many are turned into evil terms such as socialism, fascism, and eventually, totalitarianism. Research history my friends. Sure, I believe in fulfilling the needs of many, hell, I'm a member of Occupy. But it MUST NOT become socialism, communism, fascism, etc etc. My idea of everyone having enough is not twenty years from now, living in a single room, being allowed my daily food nugget, my government disinformation nugget, and for the "nonproductive" members of society (aka our retired parents and grandparents) the required "death nugget" at the "appropriate" age. If I sound insane to you right now, I respect you but you MUST spend less time watching grown men play with balls (sports) and ladies, your dresses and sunglasses are lovely...but that is not the real world. We must begin, once again, to research history and study how tyrannical governments slowly came to power, and fear and resist the eventual horror for the average person which ensues. YES. NOT ONLY CAN THIS HAPPEN IN AMERICA...IT ALREADY HAS. 

To keep this "brief" haha, I've hit you with a lot of information that isn't Kardashian Divorce related, or "Walking Dead" predictions for next week or whatever the fuck is going on in that alpha wave public hypnosis machine, in HD. I have also been overwhelmed with what I know, and gone about my many circumstances. Getting drunk at a parties and yelling about secret governments is a great way to ruin my cause. Passive/aggressive Facebook comments is a great way to undermine my message. This behavior ends. To those who are concerned about what I know, I will be happy to send you all of the links to speakers on this subject, of which I have literally thousands of hours, and also titles of books written, which I will be happy to let you borrow if you can't afford them. The journey is yours, I am not preaching, I am challenging you to prove me wrong, once you have all the proper real information, while it is still available.

To the controllers: I am not perfect. I know what evil is. I am not without sin. I have my demons. But I choose good, because I believe that humanity as a whole is capable of incredible feats. I know how to took conscious effort on my part. What I propose is a South African style Truth and Reconciliation Commission...with a twist for mutual benefit. 

Representatives of the public, meet with representatives of the "Puppet Government." As well as members of the secret dynasty families, aka the Secret Government. Your power is so immense, that I respect it. You release the hidden technologies that you have held for yourselves. You will retain most of your wealth. You will reinstitute real education, take the poison out of what we consume. In return, you will be given diplomatic immunity. Your unspeakable crimes against humanity will long as the public is allowed to awaken to the truth. Anyone attempting to harm you will be prosecuted under fair law, to protect you, because I realize the gravity of such an immense societal change. Lastly, true leaders will be appointed, from all three sides of the "aisle" so to speak. Our goals will be determined in the future, by people far more intelligent than majority input HOWEVER...truly honoring individual sovereignty. All sides equal, with reasonable laws that protect us all...without overreach into personal lives. 

This felt great to get off my chest. 
I support leaders. Not Tryants. 

Please don't assassinate me or frame me as a terrorist, those tactics are exposed at this point. 


Thursday, May 19, 2011

An Open Letter to Lovely Followers!

Hello everyone!

My name is Jay Beliveau. I am a brand new member of the blogging community. I am now sharing digital air within the blogosphere. The impetus for this inaugural post is to kick start the transmission of information, both ways, between the reader and myself, as well as set guidelines. By setting these topical guidelines for my blog, I have to make only one simple statement. There are no guidelines. I repeat, the first rule of, is that THERE ARE NO GUIDELINES. There are however, a few polite requests.

I do not know anything about blogging, therefore any help and support will be greatly appreciated. I am not sure if people can post on this blog, therefore lets keep it clean, for now. No pornographic material is allowed. No negative material is allowed. Please pay attention to that statement, negative topics are allowed, however, please frame them in a positive format, with growth, understanding, and healing as the basic preceptive goal of our conversation.

I must assume that any foreign material posted on this blog is not the responsibility of the blogs creator. 

In closing, I will now outline some topic material that will form the skeletal structure of The subject base will grow as we all grow together, thus is the nature of the evolutionary goal of creation. Some topics I plan to share include, but are not limited to: Interpersonal communication, people watching experiences, foods and cooking, recipes, The Constitution of the United States of America, secret knowledge, the hidden government, occult technology, all of the sciences, ALL of the sciences, (that will make sense eventually) u.f.o.logy, inter dimensional topics, the universe, the multiverse, prime creator, media manipulation, the tactics of mind control, covert hypnosis, positive energy, the reptilian agenda, dating and sexual communication, neuro linguistic programming, fishing, life experience, body language study, the 48 levels above top secret, back engineered extraterrestrial technology, youtube, facebook, the meta-structure of society, meditation, the truth of the soul, mind-body-spirit, bodily energetic transfer actions, psychopathy (primary and secondary), reading, physics, metaphysics, quantum theory, positive/negative energies, problem solving, survival, reincarnation, astral plane topics, remote viewing, stargates, fast food conspiracies, wormholes, holographic nature of our physical reality, I could keep going but I need dinner.

Special Note: Back in the day, up until the internet revolution, many people were referred to as "conspiracy theorists." Thankfully, as more of us awaken to the true nature of reality on earth, this definition has changed. The preferred title is "Member of the Alternative Research Community." As we carry forth, this is the most accurate definition of our efforts.

Thank You, reader, much more information to come.