Thursday, May 19, 2011

An Open Letter to Lovely Followers!

Hello everyone!

My name is Jay Beliveau. I am a brand new member of the blogging community. I am now sharing digital air within the blogosphere. The impetus for this inaugural post is to kick start the transmission of information, both ways, between the reader and myself, as well as set guidelines. By setting these topical guidelines for my blog, I have to make only one simple statement. There are no guidelines. I repeat, the first rule of, is that THERE ARE NO GUIDELINES. There are however, a few polite requests.

I do not know anything about blogging, therefore any help and support will be greatly appreciated. I am not sure if people can post on this blog, therefore lets keep it clean, for now. No pornographic material is allowed. No negative material is allowed. Please pay attention to that statement, negative topics are allowed, however, please frame them in a positive format, with growth, understanding, and healing as the basic preceptive goal of our conversation.

I must assume that any foreign material posted on this blog is not the responsibility of the blogs creator. 

In closing, I will now outline some topic material that will form the skeletal structure of The subject base will grow as we all grow together, thus is the nature of the evolutionary goal of creation. Some topics I plan to share include, but are not limited to: Interpersonal communication, people watching experiences, foods and cooking, recipes, The Constitution of the United States of America, secret knowledge, the hidden government, occult technology, all of the sciences, ALL of the sciences, (that will make sense eventually) u.f.o.logy, inter dimensional topics, the universe, the multiverse, prime creator, media manipulation, the tactics of mind control, covert hypnosis, positive energy, the reptilian agenda, dating and sexual communication, neuro linguistic programming, fishing, life experience, body language study, the 48 levels above top secret, back engineered extraterrestrial technology, youtube, facebook, the meta-structure of society, meditation, the truth of the soul, mind-body-spirit, bodily energetic transfer actions, psychopathy (primary and secondary), reading, physics, metaphysics, quantum theory, positive/negative energies, problem solving, survival, reincarnation, astral plane topics, remote viewing, stargates, fast food conspiracies, wormholes, holographic nature of our physical reality, I could keep going but I need dinner.

Special Note: Back in the day, up until the internet revolution, many people were referred to as "conspiracy theorists." Thankfully, as more of us awaken to the true nature of reality on earth, this definition has changed. The preferred title is "Member of the Alternative Research Community." As we carry forth, this is the most accurate definition of our efforts.

Thank You, reader, much more information to come.


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