Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I asked for Truth in 2006. I found the Truth. Now I live in a different "World."

Here is an equation to help describe the nature of this post.

Myself + Intellect + Observation + Reaction - Ego = Content

The subtraction of the Ego, the defense mechanism (which is neither good or bad) renders all topics neutral by acceptance or rejection of the Ego. Please take this into account as you enjoy my post...the first line of defense is by Ego, for the Ego, but neutral of my own personal Ego. What we are left with is pure substance, content, and ultimately, your opinion.

We live in a controlled world. We live on a planet controlled by those who own all of the resources. Oil, Big Finance, Global Corporations, corporations, corporations, corporations, corporations. Government is A CORPORATION. Banking (YOUR money earned through your labor) is held, privately by a corporation. would a corporation...most efficiently produce a stock of human labor to capitalize on...literally...a human livestock of production? Easily. Win the minds of the masses, promise them freedom and prosperity, a happy life, healthcare, security, and maybe a vacation, for a few days. After that...go back to work, pay your taxes, everything will be good good good...... :/

NO. We have been raped.

Yes, you too. And it is going to get worse for the "baby boomer" generation, when they take away social security. This includes our parents. YOUR PARENTS ARE WAKING UP.

If you've read this far, I'm going to save myself some work. If you're a REAL MAN, who cares about his woman and his country and his freedom and his free mind, you will not only click on the links at the level, you will embark on a research mission to figure out that really, really bad people are and have been positioned to run this world. They run it right now. You are nothing but a COG in the MACHINE, and the way these sick people believe is that you were not born to live a free, creative, expressive life. You were born to be raised into a SYSTEM. A System that generates profit for the elite class who control your fate.

Here is the best example in my opinion:

1) Women were sick of having their asses slapped by real guys. They were sick of being hit on, by guys. They wanted to be INDEPENDENT WOMEN! (Beyonce reference)

Freedom! From these ....ew...MEN


How about....the International Bankers decided long ago that "Hey...we are only taxing half of the can we change women as to drive them into the workforce, tax them tax them tax them....AAAANNNDDDD force them to put their children in daycare...? That way the State will raise most Children, indoctrinate them, brainwash them, and teach them to serve a collectivist agenda? Well, let's start something called the Women's Liberation Movement. Get out of the home, raising your precious children, go work work work to pay taxes taxes taxes. While the controllers are at it? They will put up archetypes for the American Male as say you're Homer Simpson or Peter Griffen. Dumb, incompetent males. Zero Father figures. If YOU do NOT understand WHAT I am describing here, you are still under total mind control, and I have no problem calling you an idiot. Idiot is not an insulting just means you really don't get what is going on and other people have to do this research for you. So STOP being idiots...put down the TV and the stupid video games, stop TRYING TO BE COOL and realize that you are being manipulated and destroyed.

This is a tiny, tiny example of what is really going on.

The world you live in is fake. All the things you say are programmed into you without your knowing, through TV, movies, magazines, the entire culture is the Matrix I have escaped. And now I am terrified of where they are going to take us.

Wake Up. Wake up God Damnit.


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